Weston Senior Living Center at Pinebrook

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Orwigsburg, PA 17961

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Pinebrook Personal Care

Pinebrook Personal Care Center provides an alternative to the nursing home and living home alone. It provides a high level of service, community, and support without the costs associated with full-service nursing home care. Its services are best utilized by the individual who:
  • Needs to feel independent, yet wants someone close by
  • Is lonely and afraid and doesn’t like living alone
  • Might need 24 hour supervision
  • Is forgetful about medications and eating well balanced meals
  • Needs assistance with normal Activities of daily living
  • Does not require a nursing home, but has failing health
  • Does not want the expense or environment of a nursing home


Personal Care Services encompass the following areas: dining, personal hygiene, activities of daily living, medication, rehabilitation, and physician visits.


Healthcare at Pinebrook Personal Care Center is managed on a daily basis by a professional and trained staff that is available to help meet our resident’s individual requirements.


Along with excellent supervision, our residents benefit from the attention paid to their psychological, social and emotional needs. Every effort is made to promote dignity with respect, while fulfilling the needs of the individual. The necessity for recognition and personal achievement go hand in hand with a strong desire for companionship and security. Our staff is sensitive to these needs.


We offer an excellent recreational activities program to enhance the quality of life of each of our residents. Our activities department’s main focus is to provide stimulating, enjoyable programs and activities that appeal to the varied interests of our residents.


The facility is housed in a magnificent new single level center designed specifically for the older adult. It sits on a beautifully landscaped 2 acre lot overlooking a pond, at the junction of Woodbridge & Village Roads, adjacent to the Pinebrook Residential Community just off Route 61 in Orwigsburg, PA.


Pinebrook Personal Care is licensed and regulated by the State of Pennsylvania, and meets or exceeds all regulations concerning the care of its residents. In addition, it offers a pleasant, homelike setting in a comfortable modern environment. An atmosphere of concern for our residents’ well-being can be sensed once you enter Pinebrook’s doors. Attractively designed and tastefully decorated; careful consideration was given to the facility layout with special emphasis on comfort, ease of living and security. Our residents enjoy congenial companionship as they receive dedicated supervisory care around the clock.


Every individual has special needs and we welcome your inquires. For additional information, contact our Administrator at 570-366-8544.


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2 Woodbridge Road Orwigsburg, PA 17961
(570) 366-8544