Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Long Term Care for a resident that needs more care then what a Personal Care Center can provide is offered at several of our Centers.  These centers offer long and short term care for residents who need rehabilitation services or have serious or persistent health issues. Private or Semi-Private rooms are available with baths. Medicare and Insurances are billed as…provided by the resident.  Skilled Nursing involves care provided by trained professional performing services needed due to an injury or illness. This could mean a nurse who must attend to a post –operative wound or intravenous medication, a physical therapist who might be working with a resident to regain strength and balance issues, a speech therapist who is working with a resident who has loss the ability to speak after a stroke, an occupational therapist who is also helping that stroke patient to become as independent as possible when it comes to eating and dressing or attending to personal hygiene.  Pharmacy, laboratory and radiology services can be provided in this skilled setting. End of life hospice services are provided to the resident and their family member as well.

Weston Senior Living Centers that provide Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation are:


Dementia Care

Many residents who live in a Personal Care Center have mild forms of memory issues and with care can live perfectly healthy lives with supervision. However, some resident’s have been diagnosed with Dementia and can no longer live in a Personal Care setting. Safety has become an issue that is first and foremost. Our dementia care units are secured units to allow this safety. Care is given to the resident on an individualized basis of what their needs are now!  We work with their strengths of their memory! Long ago memories become as precious to our staff as to the residents. What they cannot remember five minutes ago will be gently discussed with our highly trained staff. Our staff accentuates where the resident is in their journey of life. Patience is a Virtue and is practiced by all.  Private and Companion Style rooms with private baths are available. Gracious dining and activities that are age appropriate are enjoyed by residents and staff together. All of this is accessible to the resident once they walk out of their bedrooms. Twenty four hour supervision is there for the resident who may sleep all day and up all night. Our lives become centered on where they are at any given time. Everything that is done in this unit incorporates an activity to our resident. They are never alone either physically or mentally so they are not afraid. Life becomes calmer, medications are often decreased because the anxiety level is decreased. Our residents lives are filled with dignity and respect!

These Weston Senior Living Centers Provide Secured Dementia Units: